Anna emerges from Tihar, says he will fight on till India rid of corruption

19/08/2011 12:27


Deadlock ends, Anna agrees to fast for 14 days at Ramlila Maidan
  • What ever Anna does... Corruption will not come to a halt until every citizen gets prepared for not giving bribe. Only we with a will can stop corruption, and not by any bill. or by any slogans. Holding a Tricolor flag on the shoulder and shouting the slogan will not stop the corruption.
  • What Anna is doing is sheer blackmail, his few supporters are not understanding it and most of them are tamashbin. I am also not getting why govt is bargaining with him. In this entire tamasha BJP is the trouble creator and we are giving them chance to creat mess. They are behind Ramdev behind Anna and tommorow if some else comes out with a nuisance plan they are with them as well, the so called political party and main opposition is behind every wrong hand whoso ever is capaable of creating goondaism, hoolaism and can distrub the whole system is there own. Instead of playing a constructive role BJP is parting with anti social elements. Hazre is not understanding the very nature of working of BJP and his entire movment has been hijacked by BJP and goons have entered into it.
  • The entire world is watching the fast development in India.The Congress party and the political executive of GOI finally knelt before the growing momentum of Anna Hazare's non-violent anti-corruption movement. One hopes the Opposition and the religious leaders remain united and ensure the enactment of Jan Lokpal Bill by the Parliament within the stipulated period of fourteen days. If necessary,the time frame of 'Anshan' must be extended till the enactment of Jan Lokpal Law . It is now or never !!!